Should You Be Cleaning Your Tongue?

Everyone knows how important it is to brush and floss their teeth every day. However, were you aware that people actually clean their tongue, too? Here is what you need to know about why it is worth using a tongue scraper to get your tongue incredibly clean. 

Improve Your Breath

All of those bumps on your tongue can actually hide a lot of bacteria, which is going to smell as it sits there during the day. By using a tongue scraper rather than a toothbrush, you'll do a more effective job at getting rid of the food that is trapped on the tongue's surface. You'll be cleaning off just the top surface of your tongue, which has those bumps that are known as the papillae, and they are just big enough to hold onto food that causes bad breath. It is only going to get worse throughout the day if you are eating foods that are particularly smelly. Tongue scraping is actually a pretty fast cleaning method that can instantly improve your breath.

Improve Your Tongue's Appearance

Do you ever notice that your tongue looks odd in color? It may look white, gray, or even reflect the color of the foods you recently ate. While other people do not normally see your tongue, you'll notice it and likely want to do something about it. Tongue cleaning can help get rid of all that debris that is making your tongue look gross and give you more confidence.

Improve Your Tastebuds

Having all of that bacteria on your teeth is actually causing interference with your tastebuds. You may notice that you can taste your food better after cleaning your tongue because those parts of the tongue that have receptors for sour, salty, and sweet foods are now going to be uncovered and can take on the full flavor of the foods you are eating. 

Be aware that cleaning your tongue is not going to impact your taste buds in a negative way when you use a tongue scraper properly. Just make sure to use the tongue scraper gently and not be too aggressive with it. 

Avoid Swallowing Bacteria

Your tongue is essentially holding onto all that bacteria that is trapped on it, and it will eventually go down your throat as it continues to rest there. Tongue cleaning helps remove the bacteria so that you don't ingest it. Your overall bacteria load in your mouth will be lower, which will be better for your body.

For more information about using a tongue scraper, contact a local dentist.