Don't Force It: What To Do If You Have Dentist Anxiety

Having any sort of phobia or anxiety can add a lot of difficulties to your life. Unfortunately, many people's first reaction to hearing someone is anxious is to tell them to just tough it out and force themselves to get it over with. If you struggle with going to the dentist for regular care, this may seem like it's your only option and not a pleasant one. However, there are additional choices for you that can help. Here's why you shouldn't force yourself through the anxiety and what you can do instead.

Why 'Just Do It' Isn't a Valid Option

Anxiety isn't a very logical thing. While some people are able to talk themselves down from their anxious state with reminders that they're safe, it doesn't work for everyone, or may only alleviate some of the anxiety. Forcing yourself to go through with something you're anxious about may simply make matters worse. Your anxiety level may rise higher than usual, and if you feel traumatized, you might be even less willing to go through with the action in the future. So don't just schedule an appointment for a dental exam with the intention of forcing yourself to go through it without help.

Getting Help

The great news for you here is that dentists are well aware of the difficulties some people have with being in the dentist's chair. It doesn't matter why you feel the way that you do; dentists have methods at their disposal that can be a big help here.

For example, your best bet for getting the dental care you need is to visit a dentist who specializes in sedation dentistry. Not to be confused with anesthesia, this is a type of dentistry that delivers specialized medication to help put you at ease so that you can relax and remain calm during the cleaning, exam, or other procedure. It's a popular option among people who experience anxiety in the dentist's chair.

What to Expect

Sedation dentistry can be provided so long as you're in good health. It's either accomplished via an injection or through breathed gas, depending on what you need and what your dentist thinks is best.

Sedation dentistry, to be clear, doesn't put you to sleep. It just creates a sense of relaxation and ease that typically makes anxiety drift away while you're in the chair. The sedation will be administered once your dentist is ready to begin with your procedures. You'll remain in this state until the end of the treatment, at which time you'll start to come back to your full senses.

Sedation dentistry provides a way to get the dental care you need without being scared or having to rely on tranquilizers. Talk to a dentist to learn more.