A Complete Guide to Children's Dental Health

How To Easily Make A Homemade Teeth Bleaching Paste

Today’s generation is more preoccupied than ever with delaying the signs of aging and preserving a youthful appearance  for as long as possible. Whereas people once took losing teeth as a given, today they not only want to keep a full mouth of teeth until they die, but they also want them to stay white. […]

Laser Gum Treatment Questions You Need Addressed

Gum disease has emerged as a major problem for millions of people across the country, and this should not be surprising given the poor dietary and dental hygiene habits that many people have. In addition to causing discomfort, gum disease can also lead to the loss of your teeth and many other cosmetic issues. Fortunately, […]

3 Options For Correcting An Underbite

An underbite occurs when the lower teeth jut out further than the upper teeth. This means that when the teeth come together — to chew or simply when the mouth is held shut — the lower teeth remain on the exterior of the upper teeth. If you have an underbite, the condition might be causing […]

Keeping You Comfortable In The Dentist’s Chair

Many people think the sound of a dentist’s drill is straight out of a horror film, which can make going to the dentist a traumatic experience. Luckily, there are ways to help combat this fear through sedation. Sedation can be used during any procedure from getting a cavity filled to getting fitted for dentures. Sedation […]

Four Signs You Need A Mouth Guard

A mouth guard is a small dental appliance that you wear at night to protect your teeth. If you are found to be clenching or grinding your teeth in your sleep, you should have one. Grinding your teeth, also called bruxism, is a bad habit that is often hard to control while you are sleeping. […]

5 Reasons To Get Dental Implants

Living with missing teeth can be difficult. Being capable of eating properly and having a nice smile is important in all stages of life. One effective way to help you restore teeth that have been extracted is by choosing dental implants to do so. Knowing the many reasons to choose these implants may have you […]

Implant-Supported Dentures: What They Are and Why You Want Them

If you are in need of a complete set of dentures, you can choose to enforce them and have them look as natural as possible by incorporating dental implants. Typically, dental implants help to replace individual teeth that have fallen out or needed to be removed. However, with implant-supported dentures, you have a series of […]

Methods For Recovering From Auto-Accident PTSD

While car accidents commonly cause physical damage that can be a potential threat to your physical health, they can also have other effects on you. Here are a few ways you can deal with these potential other effects. Cosmetic Dentistry Not all the damage sustained in a car accident is a direct health concern, but […]