Crossbite? Here's A Look At Your Treatment Options

A crossbite occurs when several of your teeth do not line up properly. Often, this is a condition that you are born with and it is diagnosed when you are a child or teen. However, there are other times when a crossbite can develop later in life as a result of trauma or changes in your bone structure as you age. In either case, it's important to address the issue since it can otherwise lead to difficulty chewing, jaw pain, and abnormal wear on the tooth enamel.

Grinding Teeth: 3 Advantages of Fixing Teeth With Crowns

Grinding teeth is a problem for many people. It is mainly done during sleep but can also happen while eating or playing sports. When teeth grind away, it can dramatically change the look of them and create additional problems like painful cracks. One of the more readily available solutions for this is a dental crown. A dentist has the ability to add crowns over your teeth. Getting these crowns comes with several advantages for people who grind their teeth.

Five Things To Do If You Have Chipped A Tooth

Chipping a tooth can be a very scary and painful experience. However, a chipped tooth is a common accident that can usually be easily repaired by a dentist. The following are five things you should do after an accident that causes a chipped tooth to speed up healing time and minimize the severity of the resulting injury: Use a salt water rinse to kill germs and soothe the wound. Rinsing your mouth with salt water after the injury could sting a little, but it will also soothe your chipped tooth and kill germs that could cause infection.

Options for Fixing Uneven Tooth Lengths

Not all crooked tooth issues can be remedied with braces. One relatively common complaint is when the front teeth are of uneven lengths. The teeth can be perfectly straight, yet the edges don't line up so they look crooked. Fortunately, there are a few options for fixing this issue. The following guide can help you decide which method to choose. Recontouring Minor differences can sometimes be fixed with just a little time and filing.

2 Tips To Help Your Teen Maintain Their Braces Prior To Their Orthognathic Surgery

Before your teen undergoes orthognathic surgery, their orthodontist will install braces onto their teeth. This is done to move their teeth into alignment and is usually installed several months before the procedure. This gives the braces enough time to safely move your teeth. In order for the braces to work, they need to be maintained properly. Good maintenance involves keeping the braces bacteria free and preventing brackets from breaking or cracking.