Laser Gum Treatment Questions You Need Addressed

Gum disease has emerged as a major problem for millions of people across the country, and this should not be surprising given the poor dietary and dental hygiene habits that many people have. In addition to causing discomfort, gum disease can also lead to the loss of your teeth and many other cosmetic issues. Fortunately, there are treatments available for this condition, but laser gum treatments are relatively new in this area. As a result, some patients may not realize that this is a viable option or they may have a couple of questions about it that they want answered. 

What Conditions Can Laser Gum Treatment Correct?

While this treatment can provide you with important relief from gum disease, it is important to note that this procedure is not suitable for all forms of this problem. For example, the laser beam used in this treatment is unable to kill cancers and many other viruses. As a result, if your gum problems are caused by something other than bacteria, this treatment may not be suitable for your situation. 

The only person that will be able to determine if this is a viable treatment for your gums is an experienced dentist. By running a simple test on a gum sample, these physicians will be able to determine your gums will benefit from this form of treatment. 

Are There Benefits To Laser Gum Treatment Over Traditional Surgery?

For patients that are suffering from severe gum disease, the only solution to correcting the problem may be to undergo a surgical procedure to remove the diseased portions of the gums. While this can help reverse this condition, it is extremely painful, and it will almost always involve a gum graft. Not surprisingly, there are many patients that wish to avoid these issues, and laser treatments may be the perfect option. 

When you undergo this form of corrective gum surgery, large portions of the gum will not be removed. In fact, the laser beam is able to only target the diseased cells, and this can help prevent lengthy recovery times or painful gum grafts. Also, this procedure can usually be completed in a fraction of the time of traditional surgery, and most patients will be able to quickly return to their day to day lives. 

Gums disease is a problem that many people will have to battle at some point during their lives, and while most people can treat this condition without surgery, patients with advanced gum disease may not have another choice. Fortunately, laser gum treatments can help individuals avoid some of the worst aspects of surgery, and this can help ensure that treating this problem causes as few disruptions as possible. Talk to experts like Neu Family Dental Center for more information.