A Few Things You May Not Know about Dentures

There are many people who need to get dentures in order to eat, speak, and smile the way that they did before they lost their teeth. If you are going to be getting dentures in the near future, it is important to know a few things about them before you actually get them. The following guide walks you through essential information you should know about dentures.

Dentures Are Not Generic in Size

Dentures are not made to be one size fits all. Each set of dentures is custom made using a mold of the patient's mouth. When you go to get your dentures made, a hygienist will take a mold of your mouth and then send it off to the technicians that create the dentures. The dentures are then designed to fit the ridges of your mouth perfectly.

Dentures Should Not be Brushed

When it is time to clean your dentures, you should not use toothpaste and a toothbrush on them. This can cause small cracks to develop on the outside of the dentures. Bacteria can grow in the cracks, which could cause you to become ill. Instead, soak your dentures in a denture cleaner that takes care of all of the work for you.

You Do Not Have to Use Denture Paste

Many advancements have been made when it comes to dentures over the years. You can now have implants added to your mouth that hold the dentures in place so that you do not have to use any sort of denture adhesive. This allows you to rest assured that your dentures are going to stay in place no matter what you are doing.

You Still Need to See the Dentist after Getting Dentures

After you get dentures, you will still need to see the dentist on a regular basis. He or she will need to make sure that the dentures are fitting properly and that no sores or bumps have developed in your mouth. Dentists inspect for many different things when they do an oral examination, and not having your teeth doesn't mean you don't need to go the dentist still.

When you go to talk to the dentist about dentures, he or she will walk you through proper care and maintenance of the dentures, the options available to you, and the price ranges from which you can choose. Be sure that you take the time to ask questions at the first appointment because once the dentures are ordered, you will be obligated to pay for them. Adjustments can be made as needed; however, they will be specially made to fit your mouth so no one else will be able to use them. Consider getting in touch with Silverado Family Dental if you would like more information about dentures.