Why Should I Select Stainless Steel For My Child's Dental Crown?

Having a child that needs a dental crown at a young age can be a stressful experience. Your dental insurance may also only cover a percentage of the dental work, leaving a notable chunk of the bill that you need to pay on your own. Stainless steel might be the best choice you can make for the crown material because of the following benefits it provides.

Stainless Steel Is Affordable

Of all the materials you can select for a dental crown, stainless steel is one of the cheaper materials available. Unlike some of the precious metals like gold that are used for crowns, steel is in abundance. This helps keep the cost of the crown low.

Stainless Steel Is Durable

You can trust that stainless steel is going to be very durable based on other ways that it is used. The material is often used in kitchen knives, surgical instruments, and other applications where it is vital that the steel remains intact. Stainless steel has the ability to take a lot of abuse, which means it has a low chance of becoming chipped or cracked in the mouth.

Stainless Steel Is Easy To Install

Your wallet and your child will appreciate that stainless steel is very easy for a dentist to work with. This limits the time a dentist will need to work on your child's dental crown and keep the cost of the procedure low overall. Your child will not need to be in the dentist chair as long either, which will make the whole procedure short for them to sit through.

Stainless Steel Makes Sense For Baby Teeth

Keeping the tooth in your child's mouth is crucial for the development of the surrounding teeth, because leaving a gap can cause teeth to shift while they are growing in. Even though the tooth will eventually come out, sometimes getting a crown is still necessary to preserve the tooth.

If the crown is needed for one of your child's non-adult teeth, it does not make sense to use a high quality material for the crown. The tooth will eventually fall out, and by then, the crown will have served its purpose of protecting the tooth and preventing pain.

These are just a few benefits of why stainless steel is the best choice for your child's dental crown. Stainless steel may not blend in with the natural color of the tooth, but the material will serve its purpose for chewing and adding protection. If your child needs a dental crown, talk to your pediatric dentist about having it filled with stainless steel.