Adult Braces And Happy Hour

In the past, getting braces as an adult was almost unheard of. However, now with advances in technology, adult braces are becoming more common than ever. With things like clear braces and invisalign, adults are able to get the straight smiles of their dreams without the process being as obvious as it was in the past. While many barely notice they have braces, a few aspects of adult life can make having braces a little more difficult. Having braces can make enjoying happy hour or going out for a drink a little more difficult than it was before.


The biggest problem that braces wearers may run into while enjoying adult beverages is staining. Many beverages, such as white wine and cocktails, are acidic. This acidity can lead to weaker enamel as well as an increased chance of staining. Red wine is especially likely to cause stains since it is both acidic and has dark pigments. For those who wear clear invisalign aligners, these beverages can also stain the aligners if they are left in while drinking. Ceramic braces are also very prone to staining. For those with traditional metal braces, the uncovered areas of the teeth can be stained while those that are covered by the brackets will be left a different color.

Forgetting Aligners

In order to be effective, it is recommended that invisalign aligners be worn somewhere between 20 and 22 hours a day. The benefit of these braces is that they can be taken out in order to eat and drink. However, the fact that they need to be left in for so long can make going out and having a good time more difficult. Taking the aligners in and out while eating and drinking can be a big hassle. One of the biggest problems is that after a few alcoholic beverages many people become forgetful. Losing aligners after a night of drinking can be a big problem for any adult who has this type of adult braces.

Eating The Wrong Foods

Eating while drunk is nothing new! In fact, many people find themselves indulging in food that they wouldn't normally eat on a night on the down. The problem is that braces often come with certain dietary restrictions. Foods like popcorn, nuts, and pretzels should be avoided by people with braces. The problem is that these foods are usually available on a night out and someone who is inebriated may have trouble resisting. Avoiding these foods while wearing braces is very important. Those who may be tempted should make sure that there are other braces friendly food options available before they go out.

Adult braces are a great way to get a winning smile. They can also be a hassle during a night on the town. Adult braces wearers should be wary of staining, foods that can cause damage to the braces, and losing their aligners. Ask a local dentist for more about this topic.