When Are Same-Day Implants a Good Idea?

Same-day dental-implant treatments aren't as common as the traditional dental implants procedure, but they may have some important emergency dentistry uses depending on your situation. Here are some times when a same-day implant can be a useful way to get your teeth replaced. 

When You Have Concerns About Cosmetics

Sometimes, a dentist will recommend that you get same-day dental implants if waiting to get the teeth replaced would cause a lot of additional turmoil. For instance, if the teeth are chipped or missing in the front of your mouth, the issues with self-esteem and embarrassment can last a lot longer than the tooth gap itself. Same-day implants can help to cover up the problem quickly. 

When You Are Short on Time

If you simply can't schedule repeated visits to your dentist for a more traditional dental-implant procedure, then emergency implants can help you to get some of the benefits of dental implants without the long procedure that often comes with them. 

When You Can't Afford Traditional Implants

Depending on who you visit, same-day implants may be less expensive. You need fewer appointments to put them in, and your dentist doesn't have to pay the expense of creating custom molds of your teeth. Of course, if cost is your biggest factor, you should speak with your dentist about this upfront; they might have some resources available to help you finance your dental implants. 

When You Have a Problem with Anesthesia

Another reason to consider same-day implants is if you have a problem with the types of anesthesia used. If you are not able to go under full oral anesthesia, then the dentist may wish to do the same-day dental implants procedure to limit your exposure to pain. 

When You Intend to Get Them Replaced

Finally, same-day implants can be a good idea if you intend to get them replaced eventually. Your dentist may offer to put in the same-day implants as a temporary treatment while you wait for your custom-made implants to be created. This would provide a good mix of having the immediate treatment and relief while still eventually having a custom-made denture that fits in well with your bone structure. In short, there are reasons to choose same-day implants; your dentist can help you decide whether to seek this treatment or opt for the more traditional dental implants. 

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