Grinding Teeth: 3 Advantages of Fixing Teeth With Crowns

Grinding teeth is a problem for many people. It is mainly done during sleep but can also happen while eating or playing sports. When teeth grind away, it can dramatically change the look of them and create additional problems like painful cracks. One of the more readily available solutions for this is a dental crown. A dentist has the ability to add crowns over your teeth. Getting these crowns comes with several advantages for people who grind their teeth.

Increase Tooth Strength

When adding a dental crown to your mouth, one of the biggest advantages is the strength that it adds to your teeth. If you continue to grind teeth down, they can easily chip, crack, or expose sensitive areas. When a crown is added, the tooth is made much stronger and can handle the extra grinding that occurs. The extra strength can also prevent any decay.

Improve Visual Appearance

Aside from physical pain, one of the main issues that can occur with grinding teeth is a degradation of the appearance of your smile. Your teeth may look visibly shorter and may cause lower self confidence when you smile, pose for pictures, or have to speak publicly. By getting crowns placed over your teeth, you can gain confidence and feel good about your smile again. A dentist has the ability to match the color and size of your original teeth. They will often use older x-rays to find the original shape of your teeth. This can give you the most accurate crowns placed in your mouth. Multiple crowns may also be used to help match up your smile and make your whole mouth even.

Reduce Grinding

Along with placing crowns in your mouth, a dentist has the ability to help you prevent future grinding. One way to do this is to make a mold of your mouth for use with a mouth guard. Once the crowns have settled in place, a special mouth guard can be created. This mouth guard can be used to stop your crowns from getting damaged when you go to sleep, play sports, or do other activities where you grind your teeth. It's a good idea to get the mouth guard after the crowns so it can fit comfortably in your mouth without adjusting your teeth at all.

Making a consultation appointment with a dentist is the first step in ensuring that you can fix the problems caused by grinding teeth.