Dealing With A Severely Decayed Tooth? Find Out About Your Main Treatment Options

When you were much younger, the dentist may have removed decay from a tooth, sealing it with a filling to provide protection to that tooth for the time being. Now that many years have passed, the filling may be wearing down and you might even have more decay on the tooth, causing a bit of a problem since there is not much of the natural tooth left in the mouth. When a situation like this arises, you typically have two different options to choose from – getting a dental crown or having the tooth pulled to prevent an infection. Before you decide on a treatment for the tooth, you should know more about both options.

The Dental Crown

Instead of putting another filling on a tooth that was already filled in the past, the dentist can put a dental crown on top of the tooth. A dental crown is durable and looks identical to a natural tooth. It is usually made of strong ceramic material that blends well with natural teeth, too. By getting a dental crown, you can keep your smile looking good while keeping that damaged tooth protected. Many insurance companies are willing to cover the cost of a dental crown, so it is possible that the dental insurance you have will provide complete or partial coverage for this dental treatment. If you want to have healthier teeth, you need to have this problem taken care of immediately and you can do that by getting a dental crown.

The Extraction

An extraction is usually performed as a final option and while it is always an option to consider, it is not always the best decision. When you have a tooth pulled, you are leaving some of your gums exposed. If you are not getting a dental implant inserted into that empty space, you are going to have a noticeable missing tooth in your mouth with gums that are regularly exposed to bacteria. Because of the risks, it is often better to get a dental crown for the damaged tooth instead of having it extracted from your mouth.

If you have additional decay on a tooth that was once filled and is now weaker than the average tooth would be, you may need to have some dental work done. There are typically two different options available when dealing with this type of scenario, which includes getting a dental crown or having the tooth pulled right out. However, the dental crown is the best option because it saves the tooth and prevents you from having some of your gums exposed to more bacteria.