What Are Today's Options for Straightening Crooked Teeth?

Living with crooked teeth can pose a myriad of challenges. For starters, crooked teeth may lead to a higher susceptibility to other dental problems. Some of your teeth may also fail to develop properly as a result of other crooked teeth. Naturally, having crooked teeth has also been known to cause some confidence issues in some people.

The issues surrounding crooked teeth are not new, but luckily, there are several options that you can take advantage of today. Many of these solutions are offered by most orthodontists near you.

Traditional Metal Braces

When most people think of braces, they're usually thinking about traditional metal braces. These have been the default option for straightening crooked teeth for many years and are still commonly used today. These braces are effective for straightening teeth, and their low cost makes them more accessible for those on a tight budget.

However, the main downside of these braces is the same as it has always been, and that's the fact that they're highly noticeable. For some people, this can cause self-esteem issues, but both adults and children can learn to lean into this look instead and embrace the opportunity to enhance the braces with colored bands.

Ceramic Braces

A similar alternative to traditional braces, ceramic braces share the shape and size of standard braces. They straighten teeth in more or less the same way; however, they are much less noticeable. These braces can be made to be clear or tooth-colored, which means they can blend in with your teeth easily. The wires used for these braces can also be made to be the same color as your teeth. These braces cost more and require proper care to avoid staining.

Lingual Braces

For patients who want an even less visible option, lingual braces are yet another option that can be explored. These braces go on the back of the teeth instead of the front like traditional braces. Although they're less visible, these braces are harder to clean and can't be used in certain instances.

Plastic Aligners

For people with less pronounced dental crookedness, clear plastic aligners provide a good straightening option. For starters, the clear plastic used makes these aligners less noticeable. Secondly, you can use these aligners and still drink and eat comfortably.

However, you should note that these aligners are quite expensive and may take longer to produce the desired result. You should discuss all available options with your orthodontist before you settle on a particular choice.

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