Need A Dental Implant? Understand The Steps That You Must Go Through To Get One

Missing teeth are something that people try to find a solution for. It can either be something as simple as a partial denture or a dental implant for a more permanent solution. Here are the steps you'll need to go through if you decide to get dental implants.

The Consultation

Every dental implant starts by getting a consultation from a dentist. This is when they will evaluate your mouth to see if you are a good candidate for a dental implant. The dentist will take an x-ray of the part of your mouth that's missing a tooth so that they can look at the jawbone. The x-ray will also help determine how dense your jawbone is and if a bone graft will be necessary.

Part of the consultation is also to figure out if there are health problems that you suffer from that could make it difficult for the dental implant to heal. For example, someone that is diabetic could have a difficult time with the surgical site healing and may not be recommended for the procedure.

The Pre-Surgery

Any pre-surgery procedures will need to be taken care of if you decide to move forward with getting a dental implant. The dentist will need to create temporary crowns that will be placed on the implants after the procedure so that they are ready to go after your implant is installed. If you need a bone graft, it will also be performed during the pre-surgery phase.

The Surgery

This will be when the actual titanium post is placed into your jawbone. It is the most invasive part of the whole process and will require dental sedation for you to get through it. While the post will not be fully integrated with the jawbone until several months, those temporary crowns will be placed on the posts so that it looks like you have some natural teeth in their place.

The Post-Surgery Visits

You'll be returning to your dentist several times to check in on the status of how your implant is healing. The first visit only takes place a few weeks afterward, which coincides with removing the sutures in your mouth. You'll also visit several months later to ensure that the titanium posts are integrating properly.

The Final Visit

If everything has healed, your dentist will install the final dental crowns on the implant. You'll leave the office on this visit with the procedure finished and your smile restored.