Dental Hygiene Practices You Should Embrace When Wearing Braces

Braces are meant for aligning the teeth. Therefore, if your teeth are misaligned, braces offer an ideal way to correct them. However, after having the braces installed, it is vital to stick to particular oral hygiene practices. This ensures you achieve the desired results from the treatment. Failure to follow proper dental hygiene practices increases the possibility that your braces get damaged or develop complications. Use the tips below to take care of your braces.

1. Use the Right Tools

Dentists recommend that people brush and floss their teeth twice daily as part of their oral health routine. These dental hygiene practices are more critical for people with braces. This is because food and plaque easily get trapped in between the teeth and braces. Ensure you carefully clean out these elements to avoid tooth decay. You also need to invest in the right tools for cleaning the teeth and braces.

Apart from the regular toothbrush, another necessary tool is an inter-ortho brush for cleaning between the braces. A floss threader is also a vital tool that forms a loop for your floss, making it easier to thread the floss behind the braces. Also, seek recommendations on the ideal toothpaste and mouth wash brands to use from your dentist.

2. Choose Your Foods Carefully

It is important to increase the amount of healthy nutrients you eat every day after getting braces. These nutrients are necessary for keeping your gums and teeth healthy. However, some foodstuff should be completely cut out of your diet because they risk damaging the brackets or pulling them off your teeth. Your dentist will likely provide you with a list of things to avoid after your treatment. Some of them include popcorn, nuts, whole raw fruit, and peanut butter. These foods may be dangerous since they can easily stick between the braces and are hard to remove. After some time, the trapped food particles will start causing trouble.

3. Follow the Right Tooth-Cleaning Techniques

Brushing and flossing are an essential part of your daily routine. But since brackets are easily damaged, you must follow specific techniques when brushing and flossing. However, ensure you are still thorough enough to eliminate all the food stuck between the braces. Therefore, switch your toothbrush for one with softer bristles, and use minimal pressure when cleaning the teeth. Do this two times a day and rinse the mouth with the recommended mouthwash during the day.

Installing braces helps in aligning the teeth to get the smile you have always wanted. However, proper cleaning and care of the braces are essential if you want to achieve the desired results. Also, listen to your dentist's advice on proper brace hygiene. Lastly, seek professional help any time you develop complications.