What To Know About Using A Same-Day Dental Crown To Fix A Problematic Tooth

Do you have a tooth that is in need of cosmetic help, either due to being broken or decayed? If so, you'll likely need a crown to fix it. The problem is that crowns can take quite a while to manufacture and install, and you may be on a short deadline to fix your smile. Thankfully, some cosmetic dentists offer same-day crown procedures. Here is what you need to know about this type of dental crown.

2 Restorative Dental Options To Replace Your Metal Fillings With

Amalgam fillings are strong, but they can affect your appearance when you smile or laugh. As a result, your confidence may suffer during social situations. But metal fillings aren't the only way to restore damaged teeth. Did you know it is possible to remove them and replace them with something that looks more natural? If you'd like to replace your metal fillings with something less conspicuous, then one of the following two restorative dental treatments might be right for you.