Know Your Material Options When Filling A Cavity

Did your dentist find a cavity in one of your teeth during your most recent visit? If so, you'll definitely need to return to have the cavity filled. However, there are a variety of different materials to choose from. You may decide to get a basic filling or one that cosmetically matches the surface of your teeth so that it blends in seamlessly. Amalgam An amalgam filling is known for being incredibly strong and capable of lasting for many years.

5 Helpful Tips For Wearing New Dentures

Making the transition to wearing dentures can be quite jarring. You may have gone through a period of not having many teeth to now having a full set of teeth. In addition, these new teeth are not completely stationary since they can slip around in your mouth. Here are some helpful tips that you should know as a new denture wearer. Gradually Work Up To Wearing Them Full Time Don't make the mistake of thinking that you'll be able to pop your dentures in and immediately get used to wearing them.