How To Keep Your Child From Developing A Fear Of The Dentist

Fear of the dentist can turn an average checkup into a nightmare for a child, a hardship for the dentist, and an embarrassment for the parents. One of the best ways to prevent that before it ever starts is to take your child in to see the dentist early. Defining Early The AAPD recommends that you bring your child to see a dentist when the very first tooth sprouts. Otherwise, you should bring your child in before his or her first birthday.

How To Recover Quickly From A Root Canal

Root canals are painful procedures that can have an extended recovery time. In order to make sure that you do not damage your teeth further and risk having to undergo a root canal again, you are going to want to make sure that your mouth heals as quickly as possible. Here are some recovery tips for getting through the root canal recovery process. 1. Avoid Eating Anything Until You Have Adequate Sensation in Your Mouth

When Crooked Teeth Hurt: 3 Common Oral Problems Associated With Crooked Teeth

While most people want to straighten their teeth to improve the appearance of their smile, crooked teeth are far more than a cosmetic concern. There are serious oral health issues that can develop if crooked and misaligned teeth are not properly evaluated and treated by a dentist or orthodontist. Following are just a few of the more common oral problems that are associated with crooked teeth.  Chewing Problems Most chewing problems develop when teeth are crooked and/or crowded enough to cause bite issues, such as overbite, underbite, crossbite or open bite.

Dental Emergencies: Different Ways Of Handling Your Problem

When something drastic happens to a tooth or several teeth unexpectedly, you need reliable ways of dealing with the problem. In this type of situation, you need to know your options of temporarily handling the problem until you can get to a dentist. Broken Tooth When a tooth breaks, you have a few options for handling the situation. You first want to stop any bleeding and then you need to call the dentist.

Why Should I Select Stainless Steel For My Child's Dental Crown?

Having a child that needs a dental crown at a young age can be a stressful experience. Your dental insurance may also only cover a percentage of the dental work, leaving a notable chunk of the bill that you need to pay on your own. Stainless steel might be the best choice you can make for the crown material because of the following benefits it provides. Stainless Steel Is Affordable